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Around the Clock Security Surveillance

Team of Experienced Threat Hunters in Your Corner

Analyzing Threats and Containing Security Issues 24x7

Security Operations Center

Year after year security challenges continue to become more complex. Cybercriminals never sleep, so organizations can no longer afford to allow their network infrastructure to be undefended after five o’clock.

The ProArch Managed SOC operates in-house 24 hours a day seven days a week continuously monitoring alerts, analyzing threats, and responding to security issues.

Our experienced team of threat hunters detect and remediate cyberattacks in real-time before damage occurs.

Security Operations Center

3 Levels of Security Analysts

SOC Manager
Security Analyst I
Security Analyst II
Security Analyst III

24x7x365 Monitoring

Experienced SOC Team proactively monitors security information and event management (SIEM) platform 24 hours a day for any behaviors related to security issues.

Real-Time Investigation and Containment

ProArch’s SOC team of experienced threat hunters investigate all data points coming in, contain malicious threats, and escalate to the incident reponse process if needed.

Malware Analysis Lab

To continually adapt to how cybercriminals are advancing, malware captured during an event is reverse engineered and analyzed to identify new prevention methods.

Advanced Protection and Defense Aginst Threats

Why organizations of all sizes are turning to Managed SOC services for extended coverage against advanced security threats.


Security Operations Center

Without continuous oversight and swift response, a single malicious intrusion can turn into a disastrous security incident

Security Operations Center services

Reducing key security metrics mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to response (MTTR) is critical for minimizing lateral movement and damage

Security Operations Center services

The expense of maintaining an in-house SOC requires ongoing optimization, updates, and investments to keep up with attackers’ new techniques

Too many alerts SOC

IT teams have difficulty monitoring all the security alerts generated from the plethora of systems a modern business demands

Security Operations Center services

A breach of confidential information can bring regulatory fines and loss of customer trust

Security Operations Center services

Hiring and retaining dedicated SOC staff with the required experience is difficult and costly

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What is a Security Operations Center?

A Security Operations Center puts an experienced team of threat hunters in your corner 24x7. Understand what a SOC team does, when it's time to utilize a SOC, and the top benefits here.
What is a security operations center

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