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Penetration Testing Services

No New Tool to Learn. No Complicated Report. Just Answers.

Find uncovered risks that are putting your organization at risk.
Get a tailored plan that outlines where to focus first.
Whatever remedation comes your way - ProArch can help.

We find vulnerabilities and then show you how to fix them.

Are there vulnerabilities we don’t know about?
Are our security investments working?
Will we pass the compliance audit?
These are questions Penetration Testing will answer.
In just 4 weeks, you have a clear, actionable plan for addressing vulnerabilities in applications, networks, physical locations, and employee awareness.


Penetration Testing Services

Pen Test Diaries

The School

What happened when a school wanted to test their physical security with a pen test? Watch and find out.

Pen Test Options

Vulnerabilities like to hide in layered environments, unreported and tangled in APIs. Those are the vulnerabilities our penetration testing services find and exploit.

Application Penetration Testing: Web, Mobile, SaaS, API

Our pen testers find vulnerabilities in code, configuration, and design. We perform a static and dynamic code analysis and test against OWASP top 10 criteria.

Network Penetration Testing: Internal, External

Find out if an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities from public facing systems and how they can move laterally throughout the company’s network.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities in wireless infrastructure and rogue devices that could be exploited by malicious actors trying to get in.

Physical Penetration Testing

How long could an unauthorized individual go unnoticed? We breach physical security measures to gain access and then find what’s accessible once inside.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Test how users react to situations that can lead to a breach. Personnel is influenced to provide access to restricted information through phishing, vishing, smishing, etc.

Custom Penetration Testing

We perform pentests in complex regulated layered environments. Including White Box, Grey Box, and Black Box options.

Let's Talk

Basic Penetration Test?

Not Here.




We perform pen testing in-house. Our team is the only one accessing your environment.


You won’t be redirected to another vendor for remediation. We can guide you through remediation, or we can do it for you.

right-arrow We have done 100s of pen tests and have all the required certs. We've been in the cybersecurity space for 20+ years.
right-arrow Our pen test reports are tailored to your needs. Informative and actionable is how our pen test reports are consistently described.


Pen Test Options
Penetration Testing Services

Your answer to, “Are we at risk?”

In 4 weeks, you receive a pen test report packed with information execs and IT will find valuable and actionable. 

penetration test
The likelihood of compromise and the impact of exploitation.
Penetration Testing Services
What happened during the simulated attack.
Penetration Test
Where and how to take action, and the effort required.

No New Tool to Learn. No Complicated Report. Just Answers.

Know what vulnerabilities are putting you at risk and get a plan for remediating them.
Test and validate the steps already taken to improve security from a fresh perspective.
Focus future security investments and strategies in areas it is needed most.

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Think you're secure? We'll be the judge of that.

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