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Data Analytics and AI

Unlock insights that propel business expansion.

Uncover the Value of Your Data

ProArch creates transparency by breaking down data analytics silos and connecting data in new ways.

When data is viewed as a critical asset, you're able to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, make decisions based on facts, and innovate faster.

“ProArch has provided the people, processes, and technology we need to develop and implement a strong data strategy that has exceeded expectations on all fronts.”

Jason Barrett
Founder of Mondra

Use Data as Your Business Advantage

We leverage data analytics & AI insights to increase revenue and improve efficiency, so you can stand out in the marketplace.

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Data Strategy

Transform data from a hurdle to an asset and become a data-centric organization that leverages insights to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Data Portal

Data Portal

Data Portal is a customized branded web portal that enriches the functionality of Microsoft Power BI  by allowing external parties to access reports and visualizations tailored to their profile.

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Your End-to-End Data Partner

  • Data protection, governance, and security are incorporated into every engagement
  • Experienced team of Data Engineers, Scientists, Visualizers, Architects
  • Top Microsoft Gold Partner and Solutions Partner for Data & AI
  • Our proven reference architecture compresses time to value from months to weeks

Inspire Data-Driven Transformation

  • Validate intuition with data-driven decision making
  • Measure KPIs across teams and systems
  • Reduce time to value and maximize investments
  • Get a competitive edge by leveraging data analytics & AI 
  • Improve governance and security across data sources

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Utilize Data as a Key Differentiator