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Microsoft 365 Security Review

Maintain a secure Microsoft 365 environment as your cloud footprint grows.

Microsoft 365 Security Review

Maximize Security in the Cloud

ProArch's Microsoft 365 Security Review assesses the security posture of the Microsoft 365 environment and delivers a detailed roadmap to enhance protection of critical information and assets.

A larger cloud footprint means more potential entry points for unauthorized individuals.

The Microsoft 365 Security Review brings you one step closer to a more secure and resilient Microsoft 365 environment.

How the Microsoft 365 Security Review Works

Analyze Environment

A Microsoft security expert assesses the Microsoft 365 environment to identify 25+ security control gaps and weak areas.

Determine Risk Impact Level

Based on the controls that are and aren’t in place, the risk impact level prioritizes the "do-first" controls that are critical for enhancing security.

Plan for Hardening

At the end of the Microsoft 365 Security Review, you have clear next steps for creating a more secure environment that your team, ProArch, or a mix of both can get done.

Roadmap to Stronger Microsoft 365 Security

  • Clear plan to mitigate risk
  • Identify weak areas & misconfigurations
  • Get more value from your Microsoft investment
  • Prevent productivity interruptions & data loss

Microsoft 365 Security Review FAQs

What is the Microsoft 365 Security Review?

ProArch’s Microsoft 365 Security Review analyzes the current state of the Microsoft 365 environment and identifies gaps against the security controls required to protect critical information and assets. This high-level review provides a clear picture of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment security posture and delivers a plan for reducing risk.

What security controls are reviewed?

The security controls reviewed as part of the Microsoft 365 Security Review are a combination of ProArch’s do-first controls, Microsoft 365 Security Best Practices, and industry-standard best practices.

The implementation status of each control is reviewed, categorized, and mapped to a risk severity level of Critical, High, Medium, and Low. With Critical, representing the greatest security risk. ProArch also provides organizational impact on what to expect when you implement the recommended control, leading to a more structured approach for proper implementation planning.

Examples of controls included are: Multi-factor Authentication, Global Admin Configuration, Email Protection, Sign-in Policies, Audit Logging, Mailbox Security, Spam Filters, Suspicious Activity Alerts, Application Control, Mail Flow Rules.

What is the final deliverable?

You will meet with the ProArch team to review the findings of the assessment and receive a 10+ page report that outlines the environment’s current state and the recommended remediation actions to take to improve the security of the Microsoft 365 environment. 

Can ProArch perform remediation?

Yes. ProArch’s Microsoft 365 Security Hardening engagement follows the Microsoft 365 Security Review to implement the security configurations, policies, and settings that were evaluated. As a top Microsoft Partner with advanced specializations in security, we consider existing controls and additional licensing costs to identify best fit options for hardening.

Is the Microsoft 365 Security Review customizable?

Yes. Depending on your organization’s requirements, ProArch can incorporate specific areas to assess that may not be covered under our standard assessment criteria. ProArch also offers Cloud Security Assessment services for non-Microsoft 365 environments.

How much does the Microsoft 365 Security Review cost?

The Microsoft 365 Security Review takes an estimated 16-20 hours to complete the scope of work at an hourly rate of $200.00. Changes to the scope of work and unique environment requirements will affect the cost. 

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