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Azure Virtual Desktop Speeds Customer Delivery and Enhances Employee Experience for Lionbridge


About Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a global communications company that provides translation and localization services through its offices across 24 countries. With over 25 years of experience, its community of 500,000 experts is fluent in 350+ languages and provides services to more than 250 markets. The company combines its expertise in people, language, and cutting-edge technology to create culturally rich experiences with speed, scale, and precision. 



  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Planning, Design, and Implementation

Situation: Standardizing Processes Across Global Technology Operations

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lionbridge was among the many companies looking to transition quickly to a remote-work model. With its numerous global locations, Lionbridge saw an opportunity to enhance its support for remote workers and create a sustainable model for long-term remote work.

As its delivery model changed, Lionbridge realized it could benefit from streamlining file transfers with standardized security and thereby devote less time to file transfers and more time to enhancing its time to market.

To achieve its goals, Lionbridge looked into implementing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which offered a standardized way for employees to work together globally and access all their files from one centralized location. 


Solution: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Powered VDI Solution

When initially meeting with Lionbridge about its VDI solution, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Microsoft provided an assessment to determine the company’s needs. ProArch, a top Microsoft Partner, was the best option due to its level of VDI, cybersecurity, and application development expertise.

ProArch was instrumental in helping us design and implement the total VDI solution, starting with a pilot,” said Oyvind Kaldestad, Lionbridge’s VP of Corporate IT. “The pilot solution launched in the Madrid office and proved effective, serving as a springboard for the long-term success we’ve experienced throughout our global operations.” 

After the pilot, ProArch:

  • Tested, upgraded, and packaged 200 applications
  • Transitioned the organization from on-premises desktops and workstations to Azure Virtual Desktops and cloud-delivered workloads for 4,000 users.
  • Deployed multiple Azure regions, provided complete systems acceptance testing, and completed security hardening


Results: Paving the Way for Continued Success

  • Improved employee experience and productivity. Lionbridge employees can now access the information they need without lengthy file transfers. 
  • Projects move faster. Teams have simplified and standardized how they operate in global offices. 
  • Cut unnecessary spend by transitioning more operations to the cloud. The Azure Virtual Desktop deployment has reduced Lionbridge’s on-premises IT footprint and has made it possible for its employees to handle data-heavy workloads without the need for expensive laptops. 
  • Secure remote access. ProArch architected a secure environment with zero-trust best practices, keeping data and identities safe against threats. 

“We had internal deadlines we needed to hit, and ProArch worked hard to help us meet those goals,” said Kathryn Condon, Senior Manager of Technology at Lionbridge. “They did a great job of quickly adjusting to our needs and schedule.”