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CMMC Compliance

Successfully Achieve and Maintain CMMC Compliance

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain is one of the largest in the world comprised of 300,000+ contractors. Critical information is spread across an enormous infrastructure, and when left unsecured, poses a vast national risk.  The volatile state of cyber threats prompted the creation of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and an audit process to ensure compliance.

The purpose of CMMC is to promote healthy cybersecurity and improved process maturity of contractors across the defense supply chain. When CMMC requirements are met, you will better protect controlled information and position your company to win DoD contracts.

Our roster of Registered Practitioners will guide you through the full CMMC certification process, from uncovering security gaps and performing remediation to on-going compliance management. Meeting and maintaining your required CMMC level will ultimately protect your assets and your DoD revenue.

Prevent Cyber Threats from Impacting National Security

  • Enhance your ability to protect critical information and assets
  • Build a security remediation plan that aligns with budget cycles
  • Keep your existing DoD contracts and position yourself to win new ones
  • Be confident that you will successfully pass third-party assessments

What We Do

Achieving CMMC is an on-going effort. As the security landscape changes, your threat defenses need to as well. At ProArch, our team helps you prepare for CMMC by identifying gaps in your controls, builds remediation plans, and develops the policies and procedures that demonstrate your fulfillment of CMMC requirements.

cmmc gap analysis

Pre-Assessment Readiness Review & POAM Development

Attaining CMMC certification requires knowing your gaps and areas of improvement. We walk you through each of the CMMC control requirements, capture what you have in place to satisfy the obligations, and then build a Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM) document that outlines your journey to successful compliance.

Compliance Managed Services

Compliance Managed Services

Compliance frameworks are ever-changing. As the threat landscape continues to get more complex, new requirements will continue to be added. ProArch’s Compliance Managed Services includes the development of a System Security Plan documenting your CMMC practices and policies guided by a vCISO to keep you on track with your compliance initiatives.


Security Control Implementation

To be fully compliant, you must implement all the controls documented in your POAM. Our Security Consulting Team can assist with fulfilling the 14 domains required under CMMC and develop a holistic security program


Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Making the transition to CMMC isn’t always feasible with your current resources. Add an experienced resource to your team to drive progress with meeting CMMC compliance and implementing additional security controls.

Incident Response plan

Incident Response Planning

Having an incident response plan and capabilities is required under CMMC. ProArch can document an incident response plan that acts as your playbook for detecting, responding, and recovering from a security incident.

Never go into a CMMC audit without knowing you will pass.

  • CMMC Registered Provider OrganizationWork with a team that has been supporting the defense supply chain since the inception of DFARS. We know the intricacies of the certification process and how to navigate it.
  • Streamline control implementation with our documented playbooks and the team in-house to execute.
  • ProArch is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization with a team of Registered Practitioners.
  • As a Direct (Tier 1) CSP Reseller for Azure Government Cloud (GCC, GCC High, and DoD), we can help you utilize the cloud for more holistic security and modernization.

Protect Your Assets and Your DoD Revenue