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AI Consulting Services

Your Business Problems Solved by AI


ProArch's AI consulting services deconstruct business problems and integrate AI where it makes the greatest impact.

We create secure, responsible AI solutions that bring greater efficiency, customer experiences, and cost savings.

AI Consulting Services

AI Solution Saves


Monthly Work Hours

[ProArch Customer Story]

3,000 manual hours monthly were required to maintain data in an ecommerce app. We used Open AI to compare information from data sources and applied predictive analytics to recognize errors and suggest corrections.

Now, the review process takes 600 hours/month and customers have accurate data. That’s an 80% efficiency gain from AI.

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There are limitless possibilities with AI, the question is where do you start? The Impact NOW Assessment answers that question and more in as little as 4 weeks.

AI Consulting Services


AI Consulting Services

AI Strategy and Consulting

We outline clear objectives, success metrics, and value drivers upfront then develop a roadmap for a successful AI implementation.
  • Ideation, validation, user journeys, implementation roadmap, cost analysis.

AI Design, Model Building, and Customization

  • Through each step of the AI solution development lifecycle, we ensure models are accurate, reliable, and tightly aligned with the desired outcomes.
  • Machine Learning Models (MLOps) – ML platform, productionizing and operationalizing.

AI Governance

  • From the start, we establish data governance policies and safeguards to meet compliance and legal requirements and protect data.
  • Identity and access management, responsible AI principles (HHH), data auditing.

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • Integrate GenAI into your apps or digital experiences and build proprietary GenAI models, our generative AI services cover planning to implementation.
  • LLM application development, Natural Language Processing (NLP).


  • To maximize investments in AI, our maintenance practices ensure that AI systems remain effective, reliable, and up to date over time.
  • Monitoring, model retraining/updating, algorithm tuning, change management, compliance, reporting, cost optimization.

Turn obstacles into opportunities with AI


Strengthen Customer Loyalty


Create New Revenue Streams


Expedite Product Launch Timelines


Reach Peak Productivity & Efficiency


Achieve Maximum ROI

At our core, we’re about solving business problems, whether that includes AI or not.

At ProArch, we guide you towards AI solutions that make sense for your unique situation and get you the results you want.

  • Your goals are our goals. Everything we do is in pursuit of your business goals and ROI.
  • Trusted by enterprise organizations. Global market leaders rely on us to bring their AI vision to life.
  • AI is not new to us. Our solutions have included AI for nearly a decade. Our experience is your gain.
  • Tackle AI security concerns. Governance, compliance, and security controls are baked in from the start.
  • We get results fast. Our pre-built accelerators cut a lot of up-front work, so you get results faster.

Helpful AI Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How can businesses benefit from AI?

Each industry has its areas that AI can improve. The key is to learn how to harness it best to drive the results you’re looking for. AI in business can lead to outcomes such as improving operational efficiency, productivity, and decision-marketing. All of which leads to more growth and revenue.

What does AI implementation look like?

Every AI journey is different. But what is true for every AI implementation is the importance of defined measurable outcomes. From there, rely on a team with deep domain experience — whether your own or AI consulting services from ProArch — to determine the plan and where AI or generative AI fits in.

Why is AI consulting becoming important?

While the desire to utilize AI is high, the availability of skills is low. AI consulting firms, like ProArch, give organizations access to the data and AI skills needed to build and maintain AI models. For many organizations, it’s not in their best interest from a financial perspective to retain full-time employees in these areas. That’s where an AI consulting company comes in to help. They have the people and processes to bring your AI vision to life.

What kind of AI solutions do you provide?

Wherever you are in your AI journey, ProArch has the AI solutions to help. If you’re just starting out, we can validate your idea. If you’re further down the AI maturity roadmap, our AI solutions can plug-in where you need us. Unlike a lot of other AI consulting firms, we also have expertise in application development, data protection, and data strategy. That means our AI solutions are comprehensive, saving you time and money.

How can I find the best AI consultant?

The right AI consultant will be trustworthy, experienced, and have the AI solutions that meet your specific requirements. Look for an AI consultant that takes achieving outcomes seriously, so ROI goals are met.

How can AI consulting companies assist in data-driven decision-making for my business?

AI is better at dealing with huge amounts of data than humans are. It’s just a fact. When AI solutions are integrated into data sources, organizations can make smarter, more informed decisions based on data-driven predictions and trends. AI consulting companies are able to ideate the AI use case that will get you closer to your goal and then implement the AI solution to make it a reality. 

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