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Desktop as a Service

Thrive in a Dynamic Business Environment

Win-Win for IT and Users

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) takes a phased approach to moving workloads to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and managing them once they’re there.

Users can work securely from anywhere, anytime on any device while IT can focus on the apps and OS images that promote productivity instead of hardware refreshes.

Our team migrates hundreds of workloads to AVD so that your organization can operate with flexibility and agility. As a top Microsoft partner with an Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization, we can have your workloads up and running in the cloud in as little as 3 months.

Centralize and secure business-critical workloads

  • Streamline time-consuming application testing and analysis
  • Offload the complexity of AVD deployment and management
  • Onboard users quickly and deliver the flexible work style they expect
  • Keep applications and images up-to-date and patched
  • Reduce endpoint risks and reliance on physical infrastructure
  • Avoid supply chain delays with longer usable endpoint lifecycles
  • Move from unpredictable CapEx to more controllable OpEx expenses

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) from ProArch streamlines workload migrations and maximizes the value of applications your users, operations, and customers rely on every day.

AVD discovery

Phase 1

AVD Discovery, Planning, and Proof of Concept

First, business objectives are set, and workloads inventoried. A proof of concept on a subset of workloads is performed to establish a baseline of cloud readiness for business use cases.

AVD Pilot

Phase 2


The implementation plan is created and tested to ensure performance and minimize disruption when the deployment process occurs.


Phase 3


Full AVD rollout including systems and user acceptance testing, admin training, and documentation.


Phase 4

Managed Services

The ProArch team performs on-going maintenance, patching, upgrades, image management, troubleshooting, cost optimization, and alert monitoring on the AVD environment.

Desktop as a Service

How Desktop as a Service helps your business.

Centralize Applications

Streamline the rollout of upgrades, patches and custom apps and prevent poor performance.

Temporary & Remote Resources

Scale quickly to meet shifts in demand and expand your workforce by bringing on contractors or offshore resources without providing and managing endpoint devices.

Security & Compliance

Access and store data securely in AVD to comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate risks.



Partner With Azure Virtual Desktop Experts

DaaS brings together industry-recognized capabilities and teams to accelerate your move to the cloud. Our proven approach removes migration hurdles and fuels the applications that enterprises depend on.


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