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OT Security

Boost security resilience across IT, OT, and IoT.

OT security

Strengthen OT Security Posture

ProArch develops comprehensive OT security programs that prevent operational outages, reputation damage, and non-compliance.

Challenges securing industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) assets paired with the IT/OT convergence has created the perfect storm. Systems that were siloed are now a popular entry point for attackers looking to cause disruption.

Partner with ProArch so you can focus on meeting performance requirements and leverage the advantages of IT/OT convergence to improve efficiency and grow.

Prevent unplanned outages that impact the bottom-line.

  • 24/7 threat response for ICS ​and SCADA systems​
  • Have visibility into cyber threats and unusual activity
  • Add IT and OT security skills to your team
  • Real-time alerting on OT/IoT malfunctions or misconfigurations
  • Reduce risk by establishing zero trust principals
  • Meet evolving NERC compliance requirements

What We Do

OT Managed Detection and Response

OT Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

24/7 IT and OT Security Operations Center investigates and responds to cyber threats to prevent operational outages and damage.

incident response

OT Incident Response

(Included with MDR) Limit data loss and downtime with full remediation and rebuilding performed by the ProArch Incident Response Team.

OT Security and Compliance Consulting

OT Security and Compliance Consulting

Experienced consultants guide you through developing an integrated IT and OT security program that supports compliance.

OT Security

OT Security Technology Integration

Deployment and configuration of scanning appliances in the OT environment.


Power Plant Remediates OT Security Gaps and Reduces Risk of Security Breach


Garrison Energy Center looked to ProArch to alleviate IT/OT security concerns and meet compliance requirements.

OT security case study


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Take the first step to stronger OT security.