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Attack Surface Reduction

Clear The Way to a More Mature Security Posture

When technology evolves, security needs to keep up.

As you bring more devices and cloud computing services into your environment, the attack surface widens creating a surplus of entry points for attackers to advantage of.

ProArch’s Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) puts in place the foundational security controls that keep attackers out and gets you on the path to a more mature security posture.

Our team implements cyber threat defense measures across Microsoft 365, email, and Internet activity so your users can access the tools they need while corporate resources stay protected.


Build Defenses Against the Most Common Attack Methods

  • Prevent the likelihood of attacks via phishing, vulnerabilities, and malicious websites
  • Enhance security across devices, Office apps, Internet, and email
  • Improve security of remote users
  • Reduce risk with actionable reporting that reveals weaknesses and server vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen the human firewall with awareness training and phishing tests
  • Get guidance and input to mature security strategy

Protect the productivity tools you use every day

Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) is a security managed service designed to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of vulnerable devices, unsecure Microsoft 365 environments, and unauthorized Internet usage that could lead to a breach.


Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities left unresolved are an open door for attackers. With vulnerability management, configuration flaws, unpatched systems, and outdated protocols are detected so swift remediation action can be taken.

Microsoft 365 Security

We uncover security gaps in your Microsoft 365 environment then implement security controls across Office applications and the data stored in them to keep your most important assets protected.

Secure Web Content Filtering

Control and secure Internet activity across devices and locations to prevent your user's from ransomware and visiting malicious spam sites.

Guaranteed Incident Response

In the event successful compromise does occur, ProArch's Incident Response Team can respond and remediate compromised systems to get you back up and running with limited business impact.

Security Awareness Training

Establish a strong first line of defense against attackers with easy to deliver web-based awareness training and semi-annual phishing campaigns.


Quarterly Reporting & Guidance

Get strategic direction from our Security Consultants and reporting that includes recommended remediation steps to reduce risk long-term.


“For us, it came down to, ‘Who do we think the best long-term partner is going to be?’ The answer to that question is ProArch.”

Kevin Wiese
CIO at BestSelf Behavioral Health

Take Your Security Program to the Next Level