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How MDR Works


Potential malicious events and alerts are reviewed by the ProArch Security Operations Center (SOC) team to eliminate false positives or confirm compromise- 24 hours a day.

How MDR Works

24x7x365 SOC Monitoring

The ProArch SOC operates around the clock stopping threats by performing threat hunting, investigation, containment, eradication, and escalation to full Incident Response.

SOC Monitoring Dashboard

Advanced Threat Detection

Threats are analyzed and prioritized using SIEM and SOAR tools that deliver insight and automation to contain malicious activity traditional security tools can't.

Defender for Endpoint

Extensive Threat Analysis

Security Analysts perform a thorough threat evaluation using the MITRE ATT&CK framework to get a deeper understanding of the behaviors and techniques of attackers to get to the root cause of compromise.

Threat Analysis

Security Incident Response

In the event of comprimise, seamlessly transition to ProArch's Incident Response Team that includes architecture experts, senior engineers, and project management who:

  • Re-build compromised systems and data
  • Collaborate with legal and government agencies
  • Implement additional security hardening measures
Incident Response Timeline

Proactive Risk Management

ProArch's SOC acts as an extension to your team working along side you to reduce risk. Security Analysts provide actionable data, recommendations, and quarterly reporting that improves security posture long-term.

  • Coordinate with client IT teams to contain an attack
  • Provide evidence for legal and regulatory purposes
  • Communicate vulnerabilities that require action (ex: patches)
  • Root cause analysis and control recommendations
  • Security incident log data and report
Actionable SOC

Additional Resources

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In just minutes, a breach can damage customer trust for a lifetime.


MDR brings together experienced security professionals, established processes, and advanced threat technology to provide proactive response that stops cyber threats.

Have a team of experienced threat hunters and security analysts on your side to drastically decrease the likelihood and impact of a breach.

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