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Accelerated Data Platform

Fast Track Unlocking Value from Your Data

Kick-Start Your Data Journey

Businesses that thrive in the market operate with velocity. They are constantly innovating, making swift fact-based decisions, and staying agile to market ebb and flow. But how do they seem to stay one step ahead of the rest? Data. When all your business data is integrated into a single powerful platform, the result is a treasure chest of value-adding opportunities.

ProArch’s Accelerated Data Platform is the first step to unlocking value from your business data— faster. In less than 2 weeks your data sources are connected to an easy to access portal that turns siloed information into actionable insights. Manage and visualize your data in a clear, structured manner to reveal new ways to boost efficiency, mitigate risk, and drive transformational growth.


“ProArch has provided the people, processes, and technology we need to develop and implement a strong data strategy that has exceeded expectations on all fronts.”

Jason Barrett
Founder of Mondra

Speed Up Your Path to Becoming a Data-Driven Business

  • Correlate data together from any source into one platform
  • Realize insights from your data fast with a deployment timeline of just days
  • Eliminate the chance for human error with reliable reporting processes
  • Visualize and track KPIs organization-wide
  • Power Artificial Intelligence based tools and integrate with data-heavy apps
  • Make data-driven decisions based on holistic trends

Set The Foundation for Data-Inspired Transformation

Built on top of reference architecture trusted by market-leading organizations, ProArch’s Accelerated Data Platform can be deployed in a matter of days. Eliminate the time needed to design and validate an architecture and re-allocate your project investment to bringing your data to life.


Ingest Unlimited Data

Aggregate historical and current data from devices, databases, software, APIs, and IoT sensors into one platform.


Streamline Data Pipelines

Perform data ingestion, data engineering, analytics, data science, and data visualization across all connected sources.


Tailored For Business Objectives

We can extend and customize implementation of the Accelerated Data Platform to achieve your specific projects and business goals.


Continuous Guidance

Get on-going Managed Services that include monitoring and support, maintenance upgrades, patches, fixes, and minor enhancements.

Realize Value from Your Data in Just Days

Realize Value from Your Data in Just Days

  • Cut months of discovery and design into days with a deployment timeline of 2 weeks or less.
  • Make the most of your investment with a fixed cost setup scoped to your requirements.
  • No user licensing or long-term commitments. You get a copy of the codebase and data lives in your cloud subscription.
  • Portal for easy access to configured data sets, reporting visuals, integrated APIs, consumption trends, and more.

Take Your Next Data Initiative Head-On