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VMware Azure migration Presenter

Lakshman Kaveti

Chief Development Officer
Managing Director of Digital Engineering

Lakshman, a seasoned problem solver with a strategic business mindset, has been honing his approach over the last 18+ years in his IT career. As the Managing Director of Digital Engineering, Lakshman enables businesses to overcome challenges and achieve objectives by leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in new and innovative ways.

Lakshman’s team is a melting pot of ideas, knowledge, and innovations that center on applying the right technology to help clients achieve the desired result. Pulling from years of experience, Lakshman and his team help clients take innovative concepts to fruition, building a launching pad for applying new technologies that help them achieve their goals.

“Technology is always advancing, as should companies and how they operate. Technology should be flexible and agile so that as the world around us changes, we can quickly adjust and make work, work better.”

Lakshman also plays a large role in devising ways to navigate inorganic growth. This experience paved the way for him to lead successful multiple mergers and acquisitions and secure investment funds to fuel ProArch’s expansion.

When Lakshman isn’t solving the world’s problems via tech, you can find him at home with his family, enjoying a good movie. As a proclaimed binge-watcher (when he has time), he likes all kinds of movies, from comedy and action films to sci-fi and horror. However, he’s usually outnumbered by his wife and two daughters during the family movie nights.