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IT and OT Services for Power Generation

We work with power generation plants, O&M operators, and private equity firms to boost resiliency and efficiency.

Manufacturing IT Services & Consulting

Stand Out From the Rest

ProArch’s consulting and solutions help manufacturers achieve a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry.

We make operational and strategic improvements that advance manufacturers smart manufacturing journey to greater agility, enhanced resiliency, and better decision-making.

At ProArch, we modernize IT infrastructures, protect assets 24/7, extract value-adding insights, and build digital products that help manufacturers meet customer expectations so they can grow and standout in the market.

Manufacturers We Serve

Gain a Competitive Edge Through Technology

  • 24/7 threat protection across IT and OT networks and data
  • Maintain compliance with evolving regulatory mandates
  • Anticipate equipment failures and schedule maintenance proactively
  • Make more informed decisions about production processes
  • Maximize technology investments and offset hiring and retention costs

Who We Work With

energy private equity

Private Equity

Our goal is to maximize return on investment for energy private equity by applying holistic technology strategies that mitigate risk.

  • Mitigate financial risks from unexpected downtime
  • Maximize the long-term value of the plant
  • Streamline IT transitions in M&A activity
power generation plant

Operations & Maintenance

We work with O&M operators to standardize operations and meet stakeholder expectations by driving efficiency through IT.

  • Maximize uptime and limit unplanned outages
  • Strengthen IT and OT security posture and be prepared for cyberattacks
  • Adhere to NERC compliance requirements
  • Onboard power plants effectively with best practices
plant manager

Power Generation Plants

We eliminate operational disruptions so you can focus on the people, safety, and performance of the power plant.

  • Optimize costs and add IT/OT skills to the team
  • Protect daily operations from unplanned downtime
  • Focus on the people, safety, and performance of the plant 


Success Stories

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Data Platform Unifies Supply Chain Data to Track Sustainability
Case Study
Modern and Secure Infrastructure Helps Streamline Acquisitions
Case Study
Centralized Account Management Boosts Security and Saves $10k

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Boost resiliency against cyber threats


Leverage data to be more efficient


Take the next step toward becoming a modern manufacturer.