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Azure Readiness Assessment

As organizations evaluate the next stage of their IT infrastructure, IT and business leaders know that cloud services are the answer.

But what is not always clear, is where to begin and how to properly evaluate the benefits of undergoing such a transformation. Before any workloads are moved to the cloud, a proper cloud journey starts with an Azure Readiness Assessment.

ProArch’s Azure consultants gain an understanding of how your organization functions, the business drivers behind a cloud transition, and the mechanics of what it will take to get you there. You receive a clear, streamlined cloud transition roadmap using a proven implementation methodology.

Azure Readiness Assessment

Thorough evaluation of applications and workloads cloud readiness

Total cost of ownership and pricing breakdown over 5 year lifecycle

Migration plan and cloud solution configuration for future state

Phases of ProArch's Azure Readiness Assessment

Data Gathering of Existing IT Environment

Data Gathering & Existing IT Environment Review

ProArch consultants begin with a review of current applications, existing documentation, network architecture, Internet carriers, data flows, existing Azure and Office 365 tenants and business requirements.

Application and Workload Readiness

Application & Workload Readiness

To determine business requirements and the feasibility of cloud delivery, a thorough evaluation of all applications and workloads is conducted.

Cost Estimation and Planning

Cost Estimation & Planning

To avoid surprise migration and monthly consumption costs, a Total Cost of Ownership and pricing estimation over a 5-year lifecycle is prepared.

You receive a full break down of the total cost of licensing, infrastructure, and implementation service investments.

ProArch’s Azure consultants prepare a final report and presentation that includes detailed findings on Azure readiness, a migration plan, cloud solution configuration, gaps and obstacles, and cost comparisons.

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