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VMware Azure migration Presenter

Jeanne Morelli

Chief Operating Officer
Managing Director of Cloud & Infrastructure

Jeanne Morelli has worn several leadership hats for over 30+ years, working at small, mid-sized, and global IT companies. She's been with ProArch for 20 years, functioning as the Chief Operations Officer and, most recently, the addition of becoming the Managing Director of Cloud & Infrastructure. In both roles, she brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences that help teams exceed client expectations and optimize IT performance.

As a seasoned COO, Jeanne understands the intricacies of running a company's operations and the essential best practices for successful project delivery. Recognizing the need for ongoing client support, she has established a managed IT services center of excellence. This initiative relieves clients of their day-to-day IT support concerns, allowing them to focus on their core business, confident that Jeanne and her team are handling their IT needs.

As the Managing Director of ProArch's Cloud & Infrastructure Business Unit, Jeanne is dedicated to helping clients maximize and modernize their Microsoft investments. Her goal is to streamline operations and IT management and facilitate more digital transformation successes. Her unwavering passion for delivering exceptional and memorable client experiences drives her to not only deliver successful projects but also to align them with client expectations, making the journey to desired business outcomes smoother and faster.

Jeanne isn't only a strong and dynamic business leader and technology expert. She's also an adventurous spirit. After studying abroad in Scotland during college, she took six weeks to backpack across Europe—and she has had an insatiable taste for adventure ever since, seeking life-changing experiences like riding a helicopter over the volcanoes of Hawaii, hang gliding over the cliffs of California, and hiking across the Rockies of Colorado.