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Introducing Dataware

Innovating on top of Microsoft’s Azure, our Data Platform, ‘Dataware’, is a dedicated Cloud PaaS ecosystem, elastically managing your data at any scale using modern tools, overcoming the limitations of brittle and rigid on-premise infrastructure.

Supported by a reference architecture, the platform flexes from megabytes to petabytes of data. It’s packaged for fast, secure deployment so your business can focus on building value on top of a modern, secure, reliable and stable platform. Your enterprise data analytics tool.

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What you get with Dataware

ProArch Reference Architecture

Covering all typical architecture views, our reference architecture helps you to get your head around the Azure technologies and assure your architects of a robust solution.

ProArch Graph Patterns

We've been there and done it, which means we're able to readily address typical challenges with proven ways of doing things.

ProArch Simple Applications

We implement some of the common patterns with sample applications to get you up and running. Fast.


Introduce security earlier in the life cycle of application development, thus minimising vulnerabilities and bringing security closer to IT and business objectives.

ProArch OUR IP

You get a copy of all the code and our documentation. Together we can extend and customize your implementation of the platform to meet specific use cases and edge cases.


We provide top talent to build your data assets or work collaboratively with you to build them out. Our engagement models are bespoke to balance capability, capacity and accountability.

Treat your data right

Don’t dump your data in the lake and lose it in a swamp! 

Use our best-practice approach to manage your data in a clear, structured way and stay in control while offering a collaborative ecosystem for success.


Our value-driven delivery model

Built on the foundation of agile, our delivery toolkit ensures that we have the right team in place, working on the highest value items and ensuring that solutions are stable, secure and scalable.

Dataware saves you months of effort trying to decipher the data capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure, so you can focus on building business value on top of a stable, secure platform.

Start a conversation

If you’re looking to take your business into a data-driven future, reach out and at the very least, we’ll point you in the right direction. 

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