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Every organization is under pressure to create a safe environment for people to return in the wake of COVID.

One of the most critical elements of a COVID-19 re-entry plan is a solution for symptoms screening and tracking. Reduce the chances of a widespread outbreak by knowing who has experienced symptoms in real-time with a COVID Health Screening Application.

COVID Health Screening and Tracking Application

With a COVID Health Screening Application, you have the data and real-time intelligence to know who has experienced coronavirus symptoms and understand those trends over time.

Know immediately if anyone has experienced symptoms

Ensure those with symptoms do not enter premises

Ensure those recently travelled to restricted geographies do not enter the premises

Provide contextual tracking data to assist tracing

Configurable roles, branding, disclaimer, questions and messaging

How the app works

Usable from desktops, tablets and modern smartphones​, the application initiates a self-assessment survey for assigned users and anyone entering a facility.

The survey asks, ‘have you had any of these symptoms in the past 24 hours that are new or not usual for you?’ And then shows a list of symptoms: fever, cough, hard time breathing, sore throat, body aches.

COVID health screening applicaiton_1-1
Yes_Covid APP

A clear visual indicator of a person’s status that can be shown at distance for entry

If a user responds ‘no’- a green check mark appears confirming the user has experienced no symptoms.

If a user responds ‘yes’ they have experienced symptoms- a message then appears instructing them not to report and the appropriate people to notify.

Tracking & Reporting

The COVID Health Screening Application tracks and reports on:

Anyone that is not confirming symptoms

Trends of symptoms that may impact re-entry plans

Those who may have been exposed

What’s Included:

  • A responsive web application
  • Deployed securely in Microsoft Azure
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Accessible via a shortcut, URL or QR code
  • Customized branding, messaging, and terms and disclaimers language
  • Minor modifications by our agile team

See how ProArch helped one school district implement the COVID Health Screening App to screen and track students.

Reduce the chances of a widespread outbreak by knowing who has experienced symptoms in real-time.

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