Our toolkit

Built on the foundation of agile, our delivery toolkit ensures that we have the right team in place, working on the highest value items and ensuring that solutions are stable, secure and scalable.

From decades of experience and client partnerships with some of the world’s most esteemed companies, we have mastered a number of processes to create optimum value, including the hero transformation framework and our proprietary TeamX and Thought Labs.

We’ve developed our delivery model as an entire ecosystem focused on maximising enterprise value for our clients. However, you can employ any one of them – or a configuration – to achieve specific business goals.

Our Toolkit

A closer look

Thought Labs Group Thought Labs Group
Hero Group Hero Group
Design Led Design Led
DevOps DevOps
Delivery Methodologies Delivery Methodologies
TeamX TeamX

Value-driven every step of the way

Value-driven every step of the way Value-driven every step of the way

“With ProArch’s support, we were able to shape a vision and engineer a cloud-based, enterprise-level platform that fully leverages the cutting-edge services of Azure.

We were able to realise value very quickly in terms of increased revenues and customer satisfaction, and we’re now building additional value on top of the platform as we continue to learn more about the emerging  needs of our customers.”

Rick Solner, Solcharge CEO

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