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VMware Azure migration Presenter

Mike Spoont

Managing Director of Industry Solutions

Mike Spoont’s professional journey is steeped in rich experiences commanding roles in IT infrastructure and ultimately head of IT for small to large organizations. Then, Mike shifted to a new opportunity: owner of an IT services company. Without hesitation, he dove in and built a highly marketable company which was acquired by ProArch, where he is the President and Managing Director today.

As President, he works alongside leadership to help map out the smoothest path toward growth by identifying opportunities, navigating obstacles, removing roadblocks, and taking to market new and innovative offerings. However, being behind the scenes isn’t always where you’ll find Mike. He is often with clients, helping them achieve their goals more easily and faster by implementing emerging technology and putting in place best practices to drive operational efficiency.

Mike is not just a leader, but a strategic thinker with entrepreneurism in his blood. He is always on the lookout for ways to unearth new revenue streams and identify new growth opportunities for ProArch clients. As the Managing Director of Industry Solutions, he partners with clients to craft plans that help establish them as market leaders. As a result of his unwavering dedication to client success, ProArch’s manufacturing and energy vertical practices have flourished, placing ProArch as the go-to IT/OT and technology partner in those industries.

Mike enjoys grabbing a bit to eat with his wife at one of Rochester’s many great restaurants before heading off to a live concert, especially the ones outside during the summer. He’s a big Syracuse University sports fan; he grew up in the Southern Tier New York area. You can also find him on the pickleball court seeking out anyone who is looking for a worthy opponent.