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OT Managed Services and Insights

Have the visibility to operate with confidence, reliability, and resilience.

Eliminate the guesswork of tracking down root cause.

Operational Technology (OT) Managed Services and Insights enables power generation plants to operate with confidence, reliability, and resilience by bringing visibility and best practices to the OT network so that fast and informed decisions can be made to sustain plant operations.

Our skilled IT/OT team overlays technology solutions tailored for the power generation industry that surface the data operators need to meet performance and financial goals.

OT Managed Services and Insights

Have comprehensive IT and OT network visibility along with the insights and resources you need to maintain operational efficiency and prevent outages.

OT managed services


Understand and have visibility into how data is collected, stored, processed, and transmitted throughout the plant. Repeatable insights enable plant operators to perform root cause analysis, proactive maintenance, and analyze performance metrics to minimize downtime and optimize operations.

OT managed services


Think of ProArch as an extension to your IT and OT team. We will keep systems documented and updated plus provide strategic guidance for new objectives and upgrades so you can focus on the performance, people, and safety of the plant.

OT security

Operational Technology Security

Advanced threat intelligence along with IT and OT security best practices are integrated across systems stopping threats and collecting behavioral insights that enable ProArch’s 24/7 Security Operations Center to respond to threats before damage occurs.

Get Complete OT Network Visibility

  • Determine root cause faster and minimize downtime
  • Make informed decisions about operations and maintenance
  • Reduce risk and enhance IT and OT security 
  • Meet NERC compliance requirements
  • Boost efficiencies by leveraging IT/OT convergence
  • Offload infrastructure support and maintenance

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Implementation Process

Our proven AVD migration methodology removes migration hurdles, user disruption, and performance issues.

OT Managed Services and Insights FAQs

What is OT Managed Services and insights?

OT Managed Services are similar in principle to IT Managed Services but is structured for the uniqueness of power generation plant systems and management techniques.

OT Managed Services and Insights enables power generation plants to operate with confidence and consistency by centralizing insights, IT/OT security and network support to prevent unplanned outages caused by system failures or cyber threats.

What is the cost of OT Managed Services and Insights?

Depending on the services you choose and systems/assets that need coverage the monthly cost of OT Managed Services and Insights ranges from $3,000 - $10,000 per month. Implementation is a separate cost.

Does OT Managed Services and Insights include security incident response?

Incident response is included with the purchase of an incident response retainer. Having a retainer in place means the ProArch Incident Response team can act immediately in a time of need to manage and overcome a security incident. An incident response retainer minimizes the time to recover (TTR) so operations can resume faster.

Does ProArch replace internal IT and OT teams?

OT Managed Services and Insights is not a replacement for the IT and OT staff and skills you already have. We find the most success when our team can plug into an existing team and add the skills in areas you lack. Our sweet spot is working closely with the people who know your environment best.

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Ready to operate with confidence and resilience?

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) takes a phased approach to moving workloads to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and managing them once they’re there.

AVD proof of concept

Phase 1

AVD Discovery, Planning, and Proof of Concept

First, business objectives are set, and workloads inventoried. A proof of concept on a subset of workloads is performed to establish a baseline of cloud readiness for business use cases.

AVD Pilot

Phase 2


The implementation plan is created and tested to ensure performance and minimize disruption when the deployment process occurs.

Desktop as a Service

Phase 3


Full AVD rollout including systems and user acceptance testing, admin training, and documentation.

Desktop as a Service

Phase 4

Managed Services

The ProArch team performs on-going maintenance, patching, upgrades, image management, troubleshooting, cost optimization, and alert monitoring on the AVD environment.


Partner With Azure Virtual Desktop Experts

DaaS brings together industry-recognized capabilities and teams to accelerate your move to the cloud. As a top Microsoft partner with Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization, our proven approach removes migration hurdles and risks so your organization can realize their cloud potential.