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Protect against phishing attacks, ransomware and zero-day threats


Detect vulnerabilities, compromised accounts and suspicious activities


Respond to and investigate threats with 24x7 Security Operations Center team

Meet Compliance - ProArch

Comply with regulatory obligations and eliminate cybersecurity vendor overload

Protect, Detect & Respond to Security Threats

Cyberattacks are varied, complex and constantly evolving. Traditional security tools that used to keep hackers out are now easily exploitable by even the most amateur hacker. A determined attacker who wants to get into an organization is going to get in.

By embracing an “assuming compromise” view of cybersecurity, organizations can strategically invest in the strategies and tools that protect, detect, and respond to security threats. 

Security Managed Services

Security Managed IT Solutions from ProArch puts multiple defenses between corporate assets and hackers by establishing a secure, modern perimeter of continuously managed security controls.

The goal is to shorten the time it takes to detect malicious activity on your network, so damage is controlled and your business isn’t interrupted.

Stop Threats Faster

The ability to respond quickly in the event of a breach is paramount to maintaining your business operations. When threats are detected and contained quickly, damage and downtime are minimized. ProArch's Security Operations Center detects and stops attacks 365 days a year.


Unique vulnerabilities identified


Malware downloads blocked


Monthly average number of alerts responded to per client

A Team of Security Experts On Your Side

Security Managed IT Solutions combines best-of-breed security protection, detection and response tools, plus:

Experienced security professionals in your corner to help guide you on your security journey

Eliminate cybersecurity vendor overload and understand return on protection costs
Reduce talent acquisition costs and CapEx heavy security technology investments
Meet compliance obligations with a mature security program that includes 24x7 Security Operations Center

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