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ProArch CTO Featured on The Insider Podcast

August 6, 2020
By ProArch

ProArch’s Chief Technology Officer of Product Engineering & Data​ joined Ben Alexander on the latest episode of The Insider podcast.

In this episode Murray and Ben discuss the opportunities for businesses that embrace the new normal, including how ProArch completed an acquisition in May, helped their customers to develop a COVID health screening application providing enterprise data analytics in record time and the role data analytics & technology plays in how we move forward in the rebound of the pandemic. How you can draw valuable business intelligence from data analytics. 

“People are either putting their heads in the sand and waiting for this to blow over, making expense cuts, and others see this as a new way of working- and looking to invest in a new organizational structure for the remote world.”


“The data has been difficult to work with. There has never been a previous pandemic with this level of data captured against it. While there is a wealth of data out there, it is difficult to understand the context of the stats. It’s barely been just longer than a quarter from a financial perspective so to plot results and draw conclusions- there are a number of factors other than the pandemic that are impacting businesses.”

Watch the full episode above or on YouTube and Spotify.


The Insider is a weekly podcast hosted by Tech Intellect showcasing stories from technical leaders across the globe hosted by Ben Alexander. Originally set up to share how technical leaders were working through the pandemic, the show has evolved into how technology will help us in the new world and what lessons can be learnt along the way.

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