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ProArch featured on Rochester Biz Conversations Video Series

October 27, 2020
By ProArch

ProArch’s Chief Technology Officer Michael Montagliano and Chief Operations Officer Jeanne Morelli discuss cybersecurity and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected companies' needs.

Watch ProArch CTO and COO have a discussion with Ben Jacobs, editor of the Rochester Business Journal for Rochester Biz Connections. This weekly video series features conversations with Rochester-area leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors explore their leadership styles, the challenges they face and the lessons they’ve learned and want to share.

“It’s not just the people, it’s the data. We used to be able to put protections around our perimeter. We don’t have that anymore; the network is everywhere because all of our users are now remote, we have to understand what we really need to protect is our data not just our network. And that’s really key in this new world we live in.” -Jeanne Morelli

“Our incident response team faced two major breaches during the pandemic. Thousands of hours’ worth of effort to help the companies become whole again. Having an incident response plan is your shortlist of people you need to notify first. Make sure that you have a sound incident response plan in place. And if you don’t have the expertise reaching out to other organization that do support that effort is really key. You’re not going to stop hackers; they’re always going to find a way in.” -Michael Montagliano

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