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ProArch Acquires iV4

June 1, 2020
By ProArch

Global Cloud Consulting & Engineering Firm ProArch Acquires  Upstate New York-Based IT Firm, iV4

May Marked Major Tech Acquisition; iV4 Becomes “iV4, a ProArch Company”

Atlanta, G.A. — Two great companies have come together. ProArch, a global cloud consulting and engineering company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, acquired Upstate New York-based iV4 last month.

The two businesses, separately, complement each other: ProArch’s strengths are in Data, AI, Product Engineering and cloud services, while iV4’s strengths are in managed services, networking, cloud architecture and cybersecurity. iV4 will become “iV4, a ProArch Company.” ProArch’s name will not change.

There are leadership changes as a result of the acquisition: Santosh Kaveti, ProArch’s current CEO, will continue in that position. iV4’s current CEO Michael Spoont will serve as president.

“We are excited considering incredible prospects this acquisition will bring to the combined organization, our clients, and our people,” Kaveti said. “ProArch and iV4 together have a thriving story in the making in the areas of Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Product Engineering, and Security. Joining forces with iV4, for us, is all about growth and opportunities."

iV4 is based in Upstate New York, headquartered in Rochester with offices in Buffalo and Syracuse, with a total of 60 employees. It is a full-service IT provider with a focus on managed services, security, cloud, and consulting services. As the leading Microsoft Gold Partner in the region, it has been named a Top 100 Global Public Cloud Managed Service Provider, Top 200 Microsoft Solutions Provider, Microsoft Partner of the Year and Cloud Partner of the Year. Additionally, iV4 has been honored as a Top Place to Work in Rochester and Syracuse. 

“This big step is about growth and the next generation of iV4,” Spoont said. “By joining together with ProArch, we’ll form a powerful force in cloud consulting, cybersecurity, data science and product engineering. The blending of capabilities will complement one another and allow us to compete on a higher, more scalable level moving forward. We will now have a comprehensive solution stack service offering, fully enabled to design, execute and support cloud-first, data-driven business transformation for our clients.”

iV4 and ProArch share a sense of values, a similar ethical approach to doing business and strong similarities from a workplace culture standpoint. The joining of the two companies is a great business fit, collaboration and opportunity, both leaders said in an email to its employees and customers.

“Expanded client base and enhanced competitive advantage deliver greater job security and growth opportunities for all of us,” added Kaveti. “As we experience accelerated growth through new client acquisition, the inevitable outcome will be new roles and promotion opportunities for our people. That today is arguably more important than ever before.”

"The combined and complementing offerings of ProArch and iV4, culturally aligned leadership team, and decades of experience doing it well will provide even more mature offerings, and customer-focused holistic solutions, building a long-term strategic relationship" said Lakshman Kaveti, Shareholder & M&A Steering Committee Chair.

ProArch is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in London, India and Singapore. It has 215 employees and more than 200 clients around the globe. In 2019, ProArch started looking for a firm to complement its business strengths, address current gaps and establish a greater US presence. iV4 was that firm.

For more information, visit proarch.com.

About ProArch

Headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in London, India and Singapore and more than 200 clients around the globe, ProArch is a global cloud consulting & engineering firm. It offers cloud consulting, data platform, data science, application development, product engineering and value-driven delivery. ProArch provides a holistic solution to product development and helps companies design and execute their most challenging digital transformations in the cloud by integrating cutting-edge technologies and services into all areas of the business. For more information, visit proarch.com.


About iV4, a ProArch Company

For more than 20 years, United States-based iV4 has evolved from on-premise hardware to today’s complex cloud, security and compliance technology landscape. With offices in Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, New York, iV4 is an innovative, award-winning and recognizable information technology consulting, security, cloud and managed detection and response services company whose mission is to develop true partnerships with its clients by aligning custom technology solutions with business strategies that drive innovation and growth. iV4 aligns each customer with a tailored technology solution, enabling them to modernize, protect and grow their business by seamlessly aligning business goals and processes with comprehensive technology solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk. For more information, visit iv4.com.

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