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How the Microsoft 365 Security Review Works 

The Microsoft 365 Security Review, or Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, is a flat fee engagement that evaluates the Microsoft 365 environment against 29 security controls that are a combination of ProArch’s do-first controls, Microsoft Secure Score, and industry-standard best practices.

The security controls are broken down by risk impact level, from most critical to least.

Critical Impact Controls: Multi-factor authentication, global admin configuration, and email protection

High Impact Controls: Sign-in policies, audit logging, and mailbox security

Medium Impact Controls: Sharing policies, spam filters, and suspicious activity alerts

Low Impact Controls: Custom login portal, application control, and mail flow rules

Clear Picture of Microsoft 365 Environment Security Posture

Understand where the Microsoft 365 environment stands against security best practices required to improve protection against malicious actors.
Receive a clear picture of the Microsoft 365 cloud environment security posture and a plan for reducing risk.
In a separate engagement, ProArch can implement the security configurations, policies, and settings to increase security.

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