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Q&A: Roles & Responsibilities of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

November 18, 2021
By ProArch

Today’s threat landscape has companies concerned about the security of their systems and data. Many are finding out the hard way that traditional means are no longer enough to protect against the sheer volume and sophistication of cyber threats.

The Security Operations Center is your eyes in the sky.
Mike Wurz, Security Consultant Team Lead


Threat detection, analysis, and response are imperative in maintaining a well-rounded security strategy that will adequately protect your organization. That’s where a Security Operations Center (SOC) comes in - to investigate and stop threats in real time.

To learn more about a SOC and the role they play in keeping systems secure from threats, check out this Q&A with our Security Consultant Team Lead Mike Wurz.

The video covers questions:

  1. What is the SOC?
  2. What are the communication processes between the SOC and the client when a threat is discovered?
  3. What does an “incident” start with? What are the first steps in the process?
  4. What role does the customer play in taking action against threats?
  5. How does the SOC work with teams like Incident Response?


With a SOC, included in our Managed Detection and Response services, you have a team of experienced threat hunters and security analysts on your side that protect your corporate infrastructure, reputation, and bottom line.

To connect with a ProArch cybersecurity expert, contact us.

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