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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program is required for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors and subcontractors that do business within the Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain.

ProArch’s Registered Practitioners can guide you through the full journey to achieving CMMC compliance from planning and assessment phases to on-going compliance oversight.

CMMC consulting

Don't delay.

Lack of CMMC certification will prevent new contract wins and renewals

Third-party assessments are replacing the ability to self-attest for compliance

Contracts will be tagged by a CMMC maturity level starting in 2021

CMMC Level 3 Requirements Checklist


A CMMC level 3 audit will cover all the 110 NIST SP 800-171 controls and adds an additional 20 controls.

Download our checklist covering the 20 additional CMMC level 3 controls including:

  • Explanation on each control in a straightforward language business and IT pros can understand
  • The tools and solutions that can be implemented to meet each control requirement

ProArch CMMC Compliance and Security Services

ProArch’s team of CMMC Registered Practitioners can guide your organization through the full journey to achieving CMMC certification.

Gap Analysis & POAM Development

ProArch’s Security Consultants will walk you through each of the CMMC control requirements, capture what you have in place to satisfy the obligations, and build a roadmap to meet your compliance objectives.

Security Control Implementation

Security Control Implementation

Our Security Consulting Team can help fulfill the 17 domains required under CMMC and develop a comprehensive security program.

System Security Plan Development

Documenting policies and procedures specific to CMMC and your organization is challenging. Our Security Team is skilled in technical and compliance documentation, honed from years of efforts on our clients’ behalf.

Compliance Maintenance Managed Services

Compliance Maintenance Managed Services

Compliance requirements change, remediation efforts are never one-and-done, and recertifying requires on-going efforts. ProArch’s compliance managed services will help you track, adjust, and stay informed while reporting and assisting in maintaining CMMC compliance.

MDR Services

Monitor, Detect, and Respond (MDR) Managed Services

Continuous monitoring for indicators of compromise of critical assets is no longer an option. ProArch’s MDR services, which includes 24x7 SOC monitoring, will provide a view into attempts by malicious actors to breach and exploit your systems.


Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

A vCISO helps drive progress on the full engagement to meeting compliance and implementing additional security controls.

Incident Response Planning

Incident Response Planning

CMMC requires a documented incident response plan that acts as a playbook for detecting, responding, and recovering from a security incident.

CMMC Registered Provider Organization

As an MSSP and Registered Provider Organization, ProArch has performed a wide range of consultative services around DFARS and CMMC.

Our Registered Practitioners never let a client go into an audit without knowing they will pass the audit.

ProArch’s CMMC consulting services will help you prepare for CMMC certification by:

Identifying gaps in your cybersecurity controls
Building a remediation plan that aligns with budget cycles
Developing and maintaining policies and procedures
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