Why we exist

ProArch was founded on the belief that a future where change is ‘business as usual’ is fundamentally more exciting than one where it is not.
We are actively developing the techniques and technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of adding disproportionate commercial and social value to our clients’ businesses.
We help our clients to increase enterprise value through cloud-driven transformation, underpinned by digital product design and build, agile software development and lean organisational change. 
200 team members
250 clients
9 Microsoft Gold competencies
6 global locations
1 vision

Our leadership team

Santosh Kaveti
Santosh is our founder and leader. He supports and encourages everyone at ProArch to keep working towards our vision. Santosh put his belief that people should come first into practice by founding the Yashoda Foundation. Everything ProArch does helps us to provide health, education and opportunity to those who are vulnerable and at risk.

Santosh Kaveti

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mike plays a critical link in setting our strategy and ensuring, along with Santosh, every team member is pulling together to achieve those goals. Mike is an avid Lacrosse fan.

Mike Spoont

Anirudh Prabhakaran
Anirudh enables ProArch to grow, innovate and invest. He has founded and run multiple companies and specialises in taking mid-stage companies to new horizons. Anirudh brings his understanding of what makes a successful business to ProArch’s finance & legal departments, ensuring everything we do is focused on increasing enterprise value for ourselves and our clients.

Anirudh Prabhakaran

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Murray Foxcroft
Murray keeps ProArch at the vanguard of the Cloud-driven transformation scene. He has spent his career as a solutions architect for his clients and a technical leader for his colleagues. His specialism is Microsoft Azure and creating products and strategies to allow organisations to unlock the value in their data.

Murray Foxcroft

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Michael is a believer in creating good teams and brings that mindset to work every. "The sum is greater than the parts, and it's crucial to build a team that brings various subject matter experts together to solve a business problem." Michael has a passion for music and before entering the world of technology, was a music producer.

Michael Montagliano

Chief Technology Officer
Jeanne works with all departments to look for solutions that help our organization and our clients. The goal is to be a little better every day in the way we serve our customers, in our internal efficiencies, our service offerings, and ensure that our people have the tools they need to perform effectively. Outside of work, Jeanne enjoys cooking and doing just about anything that involves fresh air!

Jeanne Morelli

Chief Operating Officer
Brian Flanagan
Brian empowers our people to bring the best version of themselves to work and ensures they’re supported to achieve their full potential. Brian has spent his career building and guiding large, multinational teams. He believes when you combine smart, enthusiastic people with measurable goals and a progressive people culture, success is assured.

Brian Flanagan

Chief People Officer (CPO)
Tony utilizes and coaches a consultative sales approach to connect with customers and prospects business drivers to ensure the solutions provided meet their goals. Tony enjoys podcast and is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, Seattle Seahawks, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tony Harris

Senior Vice President Sales
Jason Barrett
Using the latest scientific research, Mondra tracks food products through the supply chain, capturing environmental impacts along the way. Based on years of research by our academic partners, Mondra’s calculation engine is powerful and accurate. We track and score all embedded impacts of your supply chain, rolling them up into a simple set of numbers. Learn more wwww. mondra.com

Jason Barrett

Client Partner & Founder of Mondra, a ProArch Affiliate Company
Lakshman Kaveti
Lakshman's understanding of how organizations think and technical background, empowers him to play a strategic role that helps speak to a client's needs and maintain a good strategic relationship where we act as a value-add development partner. He is also the Chair of the M&A Steering Committee.

Lakshman Kaveti

SVP of Business Investment & Client Partner
Ben leads our Technology Consulting practice, which consists of Cloud and Datacenter, Security, and Business Process groups. When not behind a computer, Ben is behind the wheel, doing laps at racetracks like Watkins Glen.

Ben Wilcox

SVP of Cloud Consulting and Security
Don leads and manages the Engineering Team to ensure high quality of service delivery and that our high standards are met during our implementation efforts. Don enjoys reading about various technologies and how they might impact our future and enjoy games (board, card, console), movies, and books,

Don Lancett

VP Engineering

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