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Consulting fueled by data. Strategy driven by outcome. Security supported by cloud.

ProArch specializes in building full-spectrum technology strategies and solutions that bring value to businesses across all industries.

Driven by a passion for problem solving, we listen closely and solve strategically for absolute value to our clients.

We believe in the power of a modernized, secure infrastructure. That’s why we use our expertise in cloud transformation, cybersecurity, compliance, data analytics, and software development to help organizations reach their business goals.


Technology consulting and solutions that transform the way you do business.

ProArch's Story

A love story that begins and ends with a passion for digital transformation.

What started as a small group of dedicated IT and software experts, intent on supporting organizations through cloud-based technology, has become a global company with employees across the globe.

While our size and service offerings have grown exponentially, one thing that will never change is this: we are client-obsessed and proud of it. We are dedicated to providing future-forward technology solutions and consultative guidance that brings businesses across the finish line in the journey to reaching their goals.

Original ProArch Logo

We do what we love so you can too.

Our Values

We care about more than the bottom line.


Requiring accountability at all organizational levels is the cornerstone of our success.


We achieve success through collaboration, setting common goals and fostering mutual respect.


Nurturing trust within ourselves results in stronger corporate values and satisfied customers.


We push the boundaries of creativity by embracing curiosity and innovation.


We feel responsibility to nurture and strengthen the diverse community in which we live.

“Let’s inspire each other and the rest of the world in the way we think, the way we act, and the way we apply technology.”

–Santosh Kaveti, ProArch Founder and CEO

Santosh Kaveti

ProArch's Leadership Team

A team of proud business-minded techies with an appetite for results.

Our team is dedicated to fostering collaborative, long-term connections that nurture trust, provide guidance and inspire creative solutions. We use our decades worth of combined experience to align the right technology and strategies that boost productivity for our clients.

Santosh Kaveti
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Santosh is ProArch's founder and leader. He supports and encourages everyone at ProArch to keep working towards our vision. Santosh put his belief that people should come first into practice by founding the Yashoda Foundation. Everything ProArch does helps us to provide health, education and opportunity to those who are vulnerable and at risk.
Mike Spoont
Mike has experience in building organizations that provide infrastructure and cybersecurity services from the ground up. Prior to ProArch, Mike grew iV4, an IT services provider from the ground up, led IT for two distribution companies, a natural gas utility, and an international reseller of network equipment. As an avid college sports fan, you can catch Mike at Syracuse University basketball and lacrosse games.
Anirudh Prabhakaran
Chief Financial Officer
Anirudh enables ProArch to grow, innovate and invest. He has founded and run multiple companies and specializes in taking mid-stage companies to new horizons. Anirudh brings his understanding of what makes a successful business to ProArch’s finance and legal departments, ensuring everything we do is focused on increasing enterprise value for ourselves and our clients.
Jeanne Morelli
Chief Operating Officer

With broad experience in the IT industry, Jeanne has the unique ability to understand challenges from the customer’s perspective and develop new ways technology can overcome them. As COO, Jeanne ensures that same perspective applies to ProArch’s internal processes as well. Her belief is that we can always strive to be better than we were the day before. Jeanne currently serves on the Board of CNY Works and Rural Health Board of Oswego County.

Ben Wilcox
Chief Technology Officer- Cloud & Security
Ben leads ProArch's solution architecture practice aligning clients with the right technology and services to achieve their goals. When not behind a computer, Ben is behind the wheel, doing laps at racetracks like Watkins Glen.
Murray Foxcroft
Chief Technology Officer- Software Development & Data Analytics
Murray keeps ProArch at the vanguard of the cloud-driven transformation scene. He has spent his career as a solutions architect for his clients and a technical leader for his colleagues. His specialty is Microsoft Azure and creating products and strategies that allow organizations to unlock the value in their data. Murray is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.
Michael Montagliano
Chief of Innovation
Michael leads the technology strategy and execution for security, compliance, and cloud practices for the firm he joined nearly 10 years ago. Montagliano’s love for music inspires him to bring creativity to the world of IT every day. With subject matter expertise in cybersecurity, Michael is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and has been engaged with organizations worldwide.
Brian Flanagan
Chief People Officer
Brian empowers our people to bring the best version of themselves to work and ensures they’re supported to achieve their full potential. Brian has spent his career building and guiding large, multinational teams. He believes when you combine smart, enthusiastic people with measurable goals and a progressive people culture, success is assured.
Lakshman Kaveti
Chief Investments Officer & Client Partner

Lakshman's understanding of how organizations think and technical background, empowers him to play a strategic role that helps speak to a client's needs and maintain a good strategic relationship where we act as a value-add development partner. Lakshman is also the Chair of the M&A Steering Committee.

Don Lancett
VP of Engineering
Don leads and manages the Engineering Team to ensure high quality of service delivery and that client expectations are met. Don enjoys learning about various technologies and how they might impact our future, playing games, and watching movies.