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Windows Virtual Desktop is the remote desktop solution that will empower your employees to stay productive, no matter where they are working from.

ProArch- Windows Virtual Desktop

Users can securely work from anywhere with an internet connection

Use your Microsoft 365 or qualifying Windows 10 licenses and deploy Windows Virtual Desktop with no additional licensing costs

Security features like single sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication come standard

Windows Virtual Desktop is the only way to access Windows 10 multi-session

To plan, deploy, and test Windows Virtual Desktop solutions ProArch's Azure Consultants perform:

  • Network Infrastructure and Application Discovery
  • Microsoft License Review
  • WVD Configuration & Setup
  • Security Hardening
  • LOB Applications Installation
  • Systems & User Acceptance Testing

Address Remote Access Needs with Windows Virtual Desktop

ProArch's Azure Consultants deploy Windows Virtual Desktop to deliver a virtualized Windows and Office experience your employees need to be productive.